On-Site Knee Braces in Hamilton

Custom Knee Braces in Hamilton

At Stoney Creek Orthotics, we have custom knee braces in Hamilton and more that are suited to your needs. All of our braces are custom made from a wide variety of measurements, calculations, and castings. Each brace is specifically designed and engineered with the patients specific needs in mind. Give us a call today to book your assessment or learn more about our custom knee braces in Hamilton!

Over the counter braces

Stoney Creek Foot Health & Orthotic Care are the experts in Orthotics in Hamilton. At our orthotic clinic, we have a full range of in stock braces and devices:

  • Knee braces
  • Ankle braces
  • Wrist braces
  • Back supports
  • Osgood – Schlatter Bands
  • Elbow braces

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